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Never Lose Power Again

Never lose power again and enjoy unmatched comfort, security, and convenience with a Generac standby generator. Whether you’re at home or away, it reliably supplies power to your home.

It’s not just about uninterrupted convenience and peace of mind; it’s also about safety and preventing financial losses. With intensifying weather and an overloaded grid, your power supply is at risk…

Protect your home with a Generac Generator from the backup power specialists at Cummings Electric! Powering your life is our sole focus, so when the grid fails, YOUR power stays on!

Keep essential systems like medical equipment, sump pumps, freezers, refrigerators, and heating & cooling systems running smoothly. Opt for comprehensive whole-house coverage to endure days or weeks without utility power. Generac offers the lowest cost per kilowatt among air-cooled standby generators, ensuring best-in-class power quality for the clean, smooth operation of sensitive equipment.

Whether you need to back up only critical circuits or power your entire home during an outage, Cummings Electric can find the perfect system for you and your family! Power outages never happen at a “convenient” time. Losing power during extreme cold or heat can be dangerous, especially for the elderly and children.

Monitor Remotely with Mobile Link™


Mobile Link™ makes remote monitoring for your Generac generator a reality. No more worrying if your generator is ready to run while you’re away! It’s as simple as opening the app!